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At Elite, we offer several different summer programs for dancers of all ages and all ability levels. Our goal is to provide students with a space full of opportunities to grow, all while having the utmost fun!

For any information regarding our Summer Camps and Intensives, please send us an email and we will gladly provide you with more information. 

Rising Star Intensive

August 6th – August 9th, 2024

Our Rising Star Intensive is for our youngest competitive dancers from ages 4 – 11. This summer program is for new upcoming dancers who have yet to experience the competition world, or who have limited experience with it. Dancers will learn a variety of different styles including but not limited to Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre.

Dancers will have two snack breaks, along with a lunch break. 

The Movement Intensive

August 10th – August 11th, 2024

Our two-day intensive is back for its second year! This intensive is designed for our most advanced dancers as it brings in intense training from some of the world’s best artists in dance. This during-the-day program focuses on helping dancers find their artistry while providing extensive training in a variety of different styles.

‘The Movement’ Intensive focuses on dancers’ creativity and artistry and allows dancers to explore different realms of dance that might not be offered during a regular intensive. 

Part-Time Intensive 

August 12th – August 16th, 2024

Our Part-Time Intensive is for the part-time dancer who wants to get all the thrill of competition while keeping the amount hours of training limited. This intensive allows dancers to work with in studio and out-of-studio choreographers. Dancers will be working in multiple disciplines throughout the four days including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and more! 

Mini Intensive 

August 12th – August 16th, 2024

Calling all Minis! This intensive is designed for competitive dancers 11 and Under who are wanting to train in all styles of dance including Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and More! Throughout the week, dancers will be learning a variety of different combinations in each class working with in-studio and out-of-studio teachers.

This during the day intensive will have two snack breaks along with a lunch break as well.

Technique Week

August 19th – August 23rd, 2024

Our ‘Technique Week’ is for competitive dancers who are wanting to take their technique to the next level. Dancers will learn a variety of styles of dance including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Ballet. Dancers will be learning combinations in each style while also having classes focused on the technique of each style. 

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