Program Overview

This is where the journey begins! Our recreational dance classes near me is geared toward students who want to explore movement in a positive and creative environment. Our faculty consists of eager and enthuastic, qualified and nurturing teachers who are excited to educate your budding dancer on the fundamentals of dance. You are able to choose from our wide range of genres; Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Acro! We offer classes for dancers 2 and up. 

For more information regarding our classes, please read below.

Tiny Stars

Our tiny stars class is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 2-2 ½ . Dance movements are jazz and ballet based, while using the use of props to guide movement. Each week, our instructors will inspire movement through the use of songs and games to help children have fun while developing their love of dance.  This program is classroom-based only, with no performance at the end of the year.

*Please note that parents are not allowed in the classroom with the dancers.

Pre Dance

Pre-dance program is specifically designed for children 3 to 5 years old. We offer a pre- dance tap class as well as a pre- dance ballet/jazz class. This 45-minute class allows students to learn the fundamentals of dance in both disciplines. Our teaching staff is committed to finding fun and creative ways to teach essential techniques, rhythm, and timing. This class is an excellent way for children to experience dance before moving ahead into more disciplined classes. 

Offering classes in Ballet/Jazz and Tap.

Primary Ballet 

Join our primary Ballet class designed for young dancers aged 3-5! In this class, your child will learn the fundamentals of ballet, including basic positions, movements, and coordination. Through creative exercises and imaginative play, they will develop their posture, balance and grace while fostering a love for dance. Our experienced instructors create a nurturing environment that encourages self-expression and teamwork. No previous dance experience required – come twirl and leap with us. 

Grade 1 Ballet

Welcome to our Grade 1 Ottawa Ballet classes! Designed for young dancers with some prior ballet experience, this class builds upon the basics. Dancers will refine their technique in positions, movements, and balance. They’ll learn more complex sequences, focusing on proper form and expression. Our skilled instructors guide students through exercises that enhance their strength, flexibility, and artistry. Join us for a fun and rewarding journey as your child takes their ballet skills to the next level in our Grade 1 class! 

Grade  2 & 3 Ballet

Step into the enchanting world of Grade 2 and 3 Ballet! In these classes, young dancers will continue to refine their ballet technique with an increased focus on precision and artistry. They’ll learn more intricate footwork, combinations, and choreography, building upon the foundation from previous levels. Our experienced instructors will guide students through challenging exercises that foster their creativity, musicality, and stage presence. Join us as your child’s passion for ballet deepens and their skills flourish in our Grade 2 and 3 classes!


Jazz has many different styles. Jazz usually tends to be at a fast pace, but some styles can be slower and more controlled. It is a great way to help your child with coordination and build your cardiovascular levels in an energetic and performance filled setting. Elite teachers pride themselves on choreographing entertaining and dynamic Jazz routines at both the competitive and recreational levels.

Dancers will learn jumps, turns, kicks, stylized combinations and routines. These high energy classes are available at recreational and competitive levels for ages 5 & up.


The Tap program at EDS is offered to students of all levels and ages. We concentrate on teaching our dancers the ability to communicate dance through sound. It increases their awareness of rhythm and syncopation. The program is known for enhancing each student’s ability to combine musicality with performance quality. Steps varying in difficulty are taught progressively through the year, allowing each dancer to master techniques at his/her own pace. Tap is a fun class anyone can enjoy! From flaps to triple time-steps. Tap dancing is a great way to build rhythm and timing coordination.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop program features high energetic and stylized movements. These classes are great for improving your rhythm, personal style and articulation. Hip-Hop is an urban style of dance and the only place where you can dance to your favourite pop music and learn cool steps just like the music videos.


Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Similar to gymnastics; this particular genre teaches strength, agility, flexibility and poise. Mixed with Jazz Technique, these classes are challenging but great fun.Teachers are certified to be training dancers for skills based on ability level.