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Adult Class

After a successful first season of Adult Dance Classes, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing back adult dance classes for ages 19 and up, in September 2021. 

Stretch & Conditioning

An intense stretch class designed to improve flexibility and strength. We focus on learning how to control our muscles and find our balance by building our core. Stretching the muscles past a comfortable point helps gain flexibility.


Technique is the basis of all fundamentals of dance, from holding your body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine. Good technique builds strength and flexibility.

August Advanced Intensive – Competitive A

Our Advanced Summer Intensive is designed to push and help competitive dancers grow technically, stylistically, and artistically. This intensive gives them a chance to work with some of the best choreographers the dance world has to offer, try new styles, and evolve as dancers.


These classes teach our dancers to experiment with different contemporary techniques and allows them to learn innovative combinations and choreography. Often combining elements of other dance styles such as jazz, ballet, modern, and even hip hop.


Lyrical dance is a style that blends ballet and jazz dance. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. A lyrical dancer uses movement to express emotions through music and lyrics.

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop program features high energetic and stylized movements. These classes are great for improving your rhythm, personal style and articulation.


Ballet is the foundation of dance technique and is carried over to most other dance styles. At EDS we hold the highest regard for the training of our ballet dancers. Ballet is fundamental in the development of the dancer and is therefore and mandatory component in our competitive program.


The Tap program at EDS is offered to students of all levels and ages. We concentrate on teaching our dancers the ability to communicate dance through sound. It increases their awareness of rhythm and syncopation.


Jazz has many different styles. Jazz usually tends to be at a fast pace, but some styles can be slower and more controlled. It is a great way to help your child with coordination and build your cardiovascular levels in an energetic and performance filled setting.

Pre-Dance Ballet/Jazz

Our pre-dance program is specifically designed for children 3 & 4 which integrates ballet and jazz into one class. This 45-minute class allows students to learn fundamentals and basic dance steps in both disciplines.

Tiny Stars

Our tiny stars class is designed for all children ages 2-2 ½. Each week our instructors will inspire movement with music. These half-hour classes combine a mixture of Jazz & Ballet. This program is classroom-based only, has no performance at the end of the year and is offered in 10-week sessions.

Winter Dance Camp

We will be running a winter dance program for all students between the ages of 4 to 12 years. This is a great opportunity for your child to be introduced to some dance skills as well as having some fun. New dance steps and combinations will be introduced in the disciplines of jazz, musical theatre, and hip-hop.

Summer Intensive – COMPETITIVE B

Our Part-time Dance Intensive is designed to push students technically, stylistically, and artistically. This will give them a chance to work with new choreographers, try different styles, and evolve as dancers. Dancers will take various classes including Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and more!

July 2021 Recreational Summer Dance Camps

Dance camp is open to campers ages 4-12 years old, with no previous dance experience needed!

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